18th March, 2020



To assess, diagnose and manage musculoskeletal conditions 

Through video-link, your physiotherapist will be able to go through a thorough history of what your complaint is, how it started, what the patterns are, exactly how it troubles you, and from this information get a really good idea what the condition could possibly be.

Your physiotherapist will then talk you through how to do particular tests and movements to replicate the same tests we would perform in our rooms. This will further guide us in knowing what the condition is and how to best address it.

From here, we can provide guidance on what self-management techniques will work to help, the do’s and don’ts for the issue, and lots of handy information on how to manage it. We will use a video based exercise software called Physitrack to set-up a self management program that will get emailed directly to you. And we can take you through this step by step as we set it up. This program also has an associated app, PhysiApp, that can display your exercises and help you track your progress.

All you need for this TelePhysio session is access to a computer or smartphone. Instructions will be provided to you on what free program or app you need to download once you have finalised your booking.

We will contact you by phone five minutes prior to your appointment to take payment over the phone by credit card and ensure you are ready to go for your appointment.

Unfortunately private health insurance is not currently covering TeleHealth items however, we feel this is likely to change and encourage you to contact your private health insurance company as more enquiries will help to hasten this change.