Foot Pain – a pain that is not to be ignored

A pain in ones foot can start off as a small discomfort but after a day of walking, jogging, or even standing in high heels, a small issue can become a big problem. Foot pain can be divided into 3 categories; local musculoskeletal pain, referred musculoskeletal pain and pain related to chronic disease or pathology. Local musculoskeletal pain Local musculoskeletal pain is often due to injury on or around the foot. This type of pain occurs  when it is obvious you have injured your foot, and whether or not.

Sports Performance Program

Physiotherapists are seeing an increase in children and teenagers presenting with preventable injuries. This is due to the amount of stress placed on their body when they switch from being sedentary for a large portion of their day to competing or training in high intensity sport. Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic is pleased to offer the Junior Sports Performance Program again this year, running over the School Holidays from December to late January.This program involv.