Lateral Hip Pain (Trochanteric Bursitis)
Lateral Hip Pain (Trochanteric Bursitis)

Pain on the side of your hip? It could be due to trochanteric bursitis. This is the inflammation or swelling of the bursa (fluid-filled sack) that sits in between your greater trochanter bone and tendon on the outside of your hip. The role of the bursa is to reduce the friction between the bone and the surrounding tissue including tendons, ligaments and skin. If the bursa becomes inflamed or irritated, it can then cause pain. There are more than 140 bursae in the body but the hip bur.

Physio Stretches Glen Iris
Stretches to Stay Comfortable at Your Desk

An ergonomic workspace is important to help maintain good posture while working. When you sit stationary for too long or sit in a slouched position, different muscle groups can become tight or weakened which can create discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and lower back. Our Physiotherapists recommend moving regularly which can help to reduce symptoms and increase blood flow.  Some simple.

Demands on the shoulder joint in swimming

Swimming is a fantastic sport that most Australians are introduced to at a young age. Programs such as Nippers at surf life saving clubs and other swim programs at local pools provide further opportunities to keep young swimmers involved in the sport. Moderate volumes of swimming are often tolerated well and unless there is a significant issue with the swimming technique, injuries are fairly rare. However, when the goal is to excel at swimming and squad sessions become more frequent, the risk of injury increases.

Sports Performance Program

With the stop and start nature of how COVID-19 have affected most sports this year, it is very likely we will see an increase in new injuries as growing bodies are subjected to the rigours of sport and activity. Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic is pleased to once again offer the Junior Sports Performance Program this year, running over the School Holidays from December through to late January. This program involves an individualised assessment to identify any muscle weakne.