Mia Okada

Mia started her career in health care as a registered Nurse in Japan. After moving to Australia in 2009 to study Medical English to further her nursing career, she was exposed to more natural therapy concepts and saw their great potential to heal and improve health. This shifted her focus to study as a remedial massage therapist which led her to work at Crown Casino as well as a massage spa business in Windsor. During this time she completed a certificate in pregnancy massage as w.

Post-natal myotherapy treatment

With all the excitement of having bubs finally at home with the family, mother’s needs are often overlooked. However, this time can be one of the most challenging and physically demanding times for her.   Mums, who are still in their early stages of recovery post delivery are now entering the whole new world of nursing bubs full time. And this presents its own set of phy.

Vladimir Margolin

Vlad has followed an interesting journey to where he is now as a remedial massage therapist. He grew up in Russia and worked as a remedial massage therapist during his time studying medicine. An opportunity took him to Israel where he continued in the medical field by studying optometry. It was in this role he worked for 14 years. He and his family have since moved to Melbourne where Vlad furthered his initial massage training by completing a Diploma of Remedial Massage with RMIT University, fine t.