6th December, 2016


Summer Holiday Program

Sports Performance Program

Physiotherapists are seeing an increase in children and teenagers presenting with preventable injuries. This is due to the amount of stress placed on their body when they switch from being sedentary for a large portion of their day to competing or training in high intensity sport. Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic is pleased to offer the Junior Sports Performance Program again this year, running over the School Holidays from December to early February.

This program involves an individualised assessment to identify any muscle weakness, joint limitations or abnormal movement patterns that may increase your child’s risk of injury. This is especially relevant for children who have undergone recent growth spurts and/or participate in high training loads. By addressing these findings with targeted stretching, correct muscle activation and implementation of optimal movement strategies, your child will reduce their injuries and improve performance.

Exercises in the classes will be tailored to your child’s sport (or sports) to help improve their performance. By making the exercises sports specific, it helps to build their coordination, skills and neural patterning, all resulting in enhanced function. The classes are an excellent way to receive the personalised guidance required, whilst also training with like-minded sportspeople in a fun and challenging environment. Classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist and have a maximum of 4 people per class.

Posture Program

Poor posture is an ever-increasing problem with the number of screens and laptops in regular use these days. Add in heavy school bags and growing bodies and this is a recipe for hunched posture in children and teenagers. When they get into the habit of slouching, it becomes their ‘default’ position. The Posture Program at Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic helps to re-establish an understanding of what good posture looks like, why it’s important, and how a child can do this themselves – without parents nagging!

The classes are designed to be an enjoyable experience with a maximum 4 people. A variety of equipment is used to help make the class engaging – these include stability balls, resistance bands, biofeedback devices and foam rollers. This will address and strengthen any underlying weaknesses or muscle imbalances. Improvements in these weaknesses and imbalances will help to stop the cycle of falling back into the ‘default position’ of poor posture. We work with each child to find a comfortable position that aligns the spine and can be maintained for prolonged timeframes, setting them up for a lifetime of good posture.

Please email or call us on 9078 8434 to register your interest.