Women’s and Men’s Health

Women's and Men's Health Malvern

Women’s and Men’s Health: Malvern, Glen Iris & Malvern East

Malvern Physiotherapy offers quality care for a range of women’s and men’s health-related issues to local Malvern, Glen Iris and Malvern East residents. Women’s and Men’s health can sometimes be a difficult topic to discuss with many people keeping their condition private.

At Malvern Physiotherapy we have post-graduate trained Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists with extensive experience working with pregnant, post-natal and older women and men.

What women’s and men’s health problems can we treat?:

• Toileting difficulties (bladder or bowel)
• Incontinence or leaking (bladder or bowel)
• Pregnancy-related conditions
• Post-Natal related conditions
• Prolapse
Pelvic pain
• Vulvodynia or dyspareunia (painful sex)

These conditions can impact on life, work, sport and relationships. Sometimes they can develop over time, or begin suddenly.

At Malvern Physiotherapy, we strive to comprehensively assess your condition or conditions and create a personalised plan and treatment approach for you. Optimising pelvic floor muscle strength, improving how the body functions and addressing any underlying factors is important to resolve these conditions.

Who can help me at Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic?

Hayley Runting is our post-graduate trained Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. She loves working with pregnant and post-natal women, those experiencing urinary or faecal incontinence, difficult or painful sex and those with chronic pelvic pain. She has spent many years working in maternity hospitals and private practice focusing on these areas.

To book a 60-minute pelvic floor assessment, please contact Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic on 9078 8434 or book online at www.malvernphysio.com.au