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Sports Physiotherapy Malvern, Glen Iris & East Malvern

Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic proudly offers quality care to local Malvern, Glen Iris and Malvern East residents.

Sports physiotherapy is a form of physical therapy that specifically treats sports related illness and injury. As athletes perform vigorous levels of activity that place strain and demand on their bodies regularly, their treatment must be tailored to this high intensity lifestyle. Sports Physiotherapy offers treatment specific to sports men and women so that their recovery is suited to their fitness requirements.

At Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic, we strive to be the best at guiding you through the process of identifying and then treating your particular problem by explaining why we are using a particular technique. At times, we may need the benefit of a few sessions to accurately identify how your body responds to physio treatment to decide how to best tackle your problem. We will, however, always be honest and clear in how we feel we can best fix your problem, and be realistic if we don’t think that physiotherapy will be of benefit.

We also place a great emphasis on discovering why your particular injury occurred, helping you to prevent recurrences or secondary problems.

Common conditions our physiotherapists treat

How do we decide how many treatments you may need?

Once your physiotherapist has identified your sporting injury, they will work out an individually based treatment plan that gives you the best chance of recovery, in a time frame that is realistic. Your urgency in how fast you wish the condition to improve will help us choose the frequency of treatment.

If your condition is not something that is in our capabilities to fix, we will refer you on to someone we believe can help. We have excellent relationships with some of Melbourne’s leading surgeons, sports doctors and general physicians, and we are always more than happy to help you to get an appointment with these specialists as quickly as possible to reduce your waiting time.

Injury Screening:

Your physio can perform injury screening to identify signs of an injury before it develops. We use specific tests based on your chosen sport to analyse your body’s movements to determine weakness, imbalances or a lack of joint range. Screening can also help to plan further training and enhance the effectiveness of sessions.

We are focused on always learning more!

At Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic your physio is required to stay at the cutting edge of current treatment and research. We continue to further our knowledge by attending courses and lectures so we can provide you with up-to-date guidance to help make a decision on what treatment is best given your individual situation. Your needs and wishes are always considered in helping you to achieve the best possible outcome.

We know home exercises can at times be a chore, but we will show you what you need to do away from the clinic to complement your treatment. We will also show you ways to manage your own problem areas – this will give you the ability to manage and understand your own body.