Home Exercise Builder

Home Exercise Program Malvern

Individualised home exercise program developed for you by your physio

Through videolink, your physiotherapist will be able to build for you, review, or progress, an individualised home exercise program that is tailored to your needs.If you have not had a program generated for you before, the start of this session will be gathering information about you, your body, previous injuries, current injuries, areas of weakness, and any other item that will help us individualise the program. We will also find out what pieces of exercise equipment you have access to.

With our videolink, we will be able to demonstrate to you each of the movements and exercises, and provide feedback on how you are executing each one. We will guide you about what to focus on, what you should feel, how quickly to perform the movement, and how hard to push yourself into fatigue.

We will then use our video based exercise software Physitrack and enter all the specific details on repetitions and sets. This will be emailed directly to you and allow you to view it online, or download the associated app PhysiApp to have it all on your smartphone.

We will then record all of this information in our system so we know just what to do with you in the next session.

All you need for this TelePhysio session is access to a computer or smartphone. Instructions will be provided to you on what free program or free app you need to download once you have finalised your booking.