Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic hires both axilla and forearm crutches for only $5 per week. We also fit the crutches and will show you how to negotiate stairs if that is required.

We stock many different types of braces and support including:

  • SRC pregnancy shorts
  • SRC recovery shorts
  • ASO ankle braces
  • Premium leuko sports rigid tape
  • Fixomull
  • Kinesio tape
  • Heat packs in different shapes
  • Re-useable ice packs
  • Fisiocrem
  • Short and long foam rollers
  • Pilates grip socks
  • FS6 Orthosleeve heel compression socks
  • A selection of pre-fabricated heat mouldable foot orthoses
  • Lumbar spine supports for sitting

*upon request, we are also able to specifically order items as you require