20th March, 2020


Clinic hygiene practices with COVID-19

Here are the increased clinic hygiene practices we have implemented due to the current climate with COVID-19.

• Encouraging staff and patients to practice physical distancing where applicable

• Implement state and federally advised rules around maximum people per square metre

• Having all staff implementing strict hand hygiene practices

• Asking all individuals entering the clinic to wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitiser

• Ensuring all treatment surfaces and equipment are sanitised between every consultation

• Ensuring that high-touch areas including counters and door handles are sanitised frequently throughout the day

• Stopping 1:3 exercise sessions temporarily and offering only 1:1 sessions


Note: All our practitioners have completed the Australian Government Department of Health’s COVID-19 Infection Control Risk course


All of these practices are reviewed regularly to be in line with state and federal advice.