Physiotherapy involves treating issues such as:

• Toileting difficulties (bladder or bowel)
• Incontinence or leaking (bladder or bowel)
• Pregnancy related conditions
• Post-Natal related conditions
• Prolapse
• Pelvic pain
• Vulvodynia or dyspareunia (painful sex)

These conditions can impact on life, work, sport and relationships. Sometimes they can develop over time, or begin suddenly.

At Malvern Physiotherapy, we strive to comprehensively assess your condition or conditions and create a personalised plan and treatment approach for you.Optimising pelvic floor muscle strength, improving how the body functions and addressing any underlying factors is important to resolve these conditions.

Our physiotherapist with post-graduate training in pelvic floor physiotherapy has many years’ experience in women’s and men’s health physiotherapy and looks forward to helping you.