Personal Training

Personal trainers are qualified instructors who maximise the effectiveness of exercise through knowledge of how the body and muscles work. However, often this aim becomes clouded in the notion that the only way to train is one that causes a so-called ‘good pain’. It is very easy to make someone sweat and have their muscles ache from fatigue, but it is hard to achieve the same while making sure they are exercising safely. It is particularly in larger classes and group sessions where there is no time to monitor each person and tailor exercises for individuals, that the pursuit of fatigue and exhaustion at the end of a workout often overrides any focus on the prevention of injury.

Our focus at Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic is to provide the guidance for you to achieve the most out of your exercise sessions while preventing injuries. We will also help you rehabilitate any existing injuries or work around any limitations you may have. We only undertake exercises that are safe for your body and will only push you at times when we know it isn’t going to cause you injury.

How can personal training help you?

Our experienced personal trainers can help you:
Recover from injuries and regain strength you may have lost
Complete rehabilitation after surgery
Gain strength and conditioning
Improve your cardiovascular fitness
Exercise – avoiding load on injuries or problem areas
Improve muscle tone and weight loss

What is our focus?

All our personal trainers have undertaken particular training in the field of rehabilitation. This specialist knowledge is further increased by the constant communication between the physiotherapists and trainers to ensure that all required precautions are taken. This constant communication also means your trainer knows any areas they should focus on, and if any issues should arise, they can be discussed and training modified.