What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a type of hands-on therapy that involves the assessment and treatment of all different types of aches and pains. This is done by using techniques such as manual trigger point therapy, myofascial release and cupping, dry-needling, and joint mobilizations. Additionally, it can also involve assisted stretching, lymphatic drainage, load management, exercise prescription, electrotherapeutic techniques and client education on pain management or activity and/or lifestyle modification.

Myotherapists are taught to use a whole range of techniques to suit your body which allow them to treat a wide range of conditions. This will all result in easing your aches and pains to improve quality of life.

What can a Myotherapist treat?

– Neck tension, pain and headaches

– Back pain

– Joint stiffness and decreased flexibility

– Sporting injuries

– Degenerative conditions

– Arthritis and associated symptoms

– Overuse and postural syndromes

– Shoulder complaints including rotator cuff issues

– Ankle, foot and achilles tendon problems

– Jaw pain, tension and clicking

– Repetitive strain injuries

– Lymphatic drainage

– Assisting in recovery after surgery